Friday, September 21, 2012

Mushroom Cultivation in Sri lanka

Do you know about Mushrooms?  Mushroom cultivation Farming methods Mushroom pictures with my Field experience.
This time I’m going to introduce you a delicious meal that everyone likes to eat in all around the world.Now there may be a question arising ‘what is this?’Yes,we called it as ‘Mushroom’actually it is a very tasty food in each and every country in the world.In the real sense of world it is a kind of fungus.As result of fungus we get get the harvest of ‘Mushroom’.
With new technology,there is a view these Mushroom has medicinal effect for some illnesses.Specially for Cancers such as  Leukemia and for the people who are suffering from low hemoglobin.They have informed that they can control these illnesses by eating Mushroom.


As we all know almost the Mushroom are growing naturally.But now people grow Mushroom as their own job.It is very famous job among rural peoples who are living in rural areas.We cant grow these Mushroom in our gardens.You must keep  it in your mind.Because when we talked with farmers ,many of them told that they haven’t enough place to grow Mushroom in their gardens.And also they told that they  cannot put water due to many reasons.


In one hand there’s nothing to be surprise because they haven’t get any introduction of growing  Mushroom .So you must never forget that we must grow Mushroom under control  environment.Actually we can  use a room in a house for this.But their should be some wet environmental condition.

 So we can use many techniques for this.We can use a sands step in to the floor and also we can spray a water mist in the room . In the developing time of Mushroom ,it needs a a dark environment .The most important thing we must have clear knowledge about  the growing ingredients of Mushroom.

 We must use Timber dust, Rice polish,Soya flour ,CaCo3 and Magnesium Sulfate .After that we must mixed them properly and put them into Polypropylene Bags and then they must be sterilized because sometimes their may be some other some other fungus.If their some other fungus the Mushroom will not grow.Few hours after that we put Mushroom seed into bags very carefully with sterilized condition.After the introduction of seed we can get the Mushroom harvest throughout a month.


We ca sell a kilo of Mushroom for about profitable price.As an Agriculture instructor I have put some pictures and videos of Mushroom cultivation which is cultivated by a farm lady in my division.And also I’d say that this is the easiest way of growing Mushroom.Even though there are many of packets of Mushroom in super markets ,people don’t know how to grow it properly.There are so many other ways of growing Mushrooms.I didn’t mention all the types here because people don’t like  to read a long article .Sometimes  people may lazy to read long report.

We can make many foods using Mushrooms.Such as Mushroom soup,Sandwiches etc.We make those things in Agricultural campaigns and farmers training classes.So now I think you are interested in this foods,so go quickly and get a packet of Mushroom even from shop and taste it.thanks.


  1. නියමයි මගෙ PTS පාඩම මෙතනින් බාගත්ත

  2. Where will get the mushroom seeds in sri lanka?

    1. I am recommend department of Agriculture seeds sales shops.
      ex : gannoruwa, bata ata, Matara


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