Monday, September 24, 2012

Today i'm unlock my Huawei E153 Dialog internet new dongle in five minutes

Hello friends how are you?today i'm unlock my Huawei E153 Dialog internet new dongle in five minutes.Last few month i'm used dialog 3G internet and I want to try another network .Some communications and dealers charge to five hundred rupees to unlock Huawei E153.Important thing is we cant unlock this modem using dcunlocker or similar software.I'm share with my method i think it will help for unlock your Dialog Huawei E153 dongle.

Dialog Huawei E153 Dongle Unlocking Steps
1.Find your Huawei E153 dongle EMEI number
2.Find your Huawei E153 dongle Unlock code and Flash code
*click HERE(enter your EMEI and find Unlock and Flash code)
*Save Unlock and Flash code

3.Download Huawei E153 Firmwear UPDATE 

4.Now insert another sim card to dongle

5.Ok.Next run Huawei E153 Firmwear softwear

6.It will ask password

7.You enter your Flash code



  1. Great.. Works fine.. Thanx and kudos for the useful info

  2. elakiri macho.. mama vade karagaththa

  3. I have a n ETISALAT dongle which by default will load the Etisalat Software.
    After unlocking, I wish to use a MOBITEL SIM.

    Do I have to install any MOBITEL software?? If not, how do I communicate with MOBITEL using the unlocked SIM?

  4. No. after unlocking you can use any sim card with your current software (ex etisalat dongle client)


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