Thursday, September 24, 2015

chargeNET nissan leaf best charging solution in Sri Lanka

EV charging stations now available in Sri lanka. chargeNET is  the largest and powerful Electric vehicle(EV) charging network in Sri Lanka. Now you can charge your Nissan leaf Electric vehicle(EV) using your chargeNET membership. It facilitate,become a chargetNET Station owner and bring new customers to your business.

chargetNET member benifits
  • chargetNET Basic membership : Rs 500.00 per month + Rs 125.00 per hour
  • chargetNET Premium membership : Rs 2500.00 per month 20 hours of charging for free
Not a chargetNET member in Sri lanka but still want to charge,pay the Rs 200.00 per hour and on the charger.

chargetNET operating instructions
  • Tap your membership card on the RFID LOGO
  • Plug the connector in to the vehicle when instructed on screen
  • To stop press the stop button or remove the connector
chargetNET HOTLINE : 011 555 15 51

chargetNET official website

chargetNET charger locations

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