Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Honda Fit Shuttle Price in Sri Lanka

Honda fit shuttle ishigh demand compact station wagon hybrid in Japan's domestic market and now most popular in Sri Lanka car buyers.I think the reason is Honda fit shuttle price in Sri lanka near to the 5 millions in range and this is the best wagon type vehicle of Honda company suit for family. The fuel efficiency of Honda fit shuttle enhanced by reducing engine friction and small scale car importers like to import this vehicle for Sri lanka. I think Fit shuttle 2015  model will popular in Sri lanka within the next few months.This is the latest Honda fit shuttle price in Sri lanka and please be understand this is the real import cost of the car and this price can be change in car sales. 

IN LKR 3329200.00
TAX Rs 2000000.00
Honda Fit Shuttle Price Rs 5329200.00

Honda fit shuttle exterior
Honda fit shuttle interior

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