Saturday, November 28, 2015

Alloy wheels Sri lanka The steps of installation

Most people searching alloy wheels Sri lanka or alloy wheels in Sri lanka for the purpose to set their new vehicle.But most of people have no proper idea about how to select and installation of most suitable alloy wheels sets,match to the their car or vehicle.Today i would like to introduce the way of how to select and set alloy wheels correctly without emerging any other side effects (example: changing fuel consumption,changing vehicle pick up)

    • First identification of original Tyre size of your vehicle. (you can check the sticker driver side door)
    • Identification information's correctly shown by Tyre size numbers.

    • Then select alloy wheels size for your vehicle. (Don't select large or small size alloy wheels,if you want to set large size then you should want to reduce your Tyre size) 

    • Now select the Tyre size for alloy wheels.
    • Go to the this web site
    • Put current Tyre size to the left side column.

    • Add new alloy wheel size to the right side column.
    • Secondly add Tyre profile.(If rim size large > Reduce Tyre profile)
    • Finally add Tyre width to the table and select best Tyre size for your vehicle.

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