Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dialog 4G Usage Check

This is the simple method for Dialog 4G Usage Check.

First visit Dialog website and create "My account. (Click register button)

Then fill Email, Password, Repeat password and tick the check box below.

After creating "Dialog My Account" login to the your Dialog My Account ( Dialog 4g login ), Then Click the "Add connection button"

Give "Connection type" for "Fixed 4G" , fill your 4G home broad band "account number" (this is 021 XXX XXX X type number, check back side of your Dialog 4G Router) the below and then click "Send Authentication Code" button.

Before this step, you should want to call Dialog 4G hotline / Dialog 4g customer care  ( 011-7-100 100 )  give and confirm your Email to the my account.

Then check your Email inbox copy and add Authentication code for the Dialog My Account and verify your account.

Then login to the Dialog My Account and check your Dialog 4G Usage easily.


  1. they says "Email is not updated in LTE profile. Please Update it"

    i only today bought my router; so will it take some time to register??
    plz help

    1. first create dialog account, next call dialog 4g hotline and update your email. take few minutes for the process.

  2. I already added a 4G fixed connection but Now I can't see my Data usage If I go to my account there only my Dialog Mobile number showing after that If I try to add new connection, it is telling this account is already added. Please help me


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