Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sampath Bank Account Balance Check via SMS

Sampath bank introducing new facility for their members the named Sampath Missed Call Banking, now you can check  Sampath Bank Account Balance simply via SMS. To activate facility of Sampath Bank Account Balance Check via SMS, first you should want to register in Sampath SMS Alert service. In previaously Sampath SMS Alert not provide Account Balance Check facility for their customers and need Sampath bank Vishwa  online account for this. But now, Sampath bank vishwa account not needed for check your Sampath Bank Account Balance.

How to activate Sampath Missed Call Banking
  • Register in Sampath SMS Alert service ( You can activate it buy visiting your nearest Sampath bank branch )
  • Dial 011 2 30 30 80 it will automatically become a Missed call.
  • You will instantly recieve an SMS to your mobile phone with your avialable bank account balance.
* Rs 5 wiill be charged for every SMS

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