Friday, March 4, 2016

My First Dialog 4G Bill

I  bought a Dialog 4G Home Broadband Connection from Dialog 4G Promotion last month, because it gives fast 4G Data connectivity and large bundle of data. By comparing other 4G network operators, Dialog 4G has widest coverage in Sri lanka. Today I got my first Dialog 4G bill of my 4G home broadband connection and i am presenting it to you, to get an idea about it. I think this is reasonable price for 20GB ( peak + off peak )of data bundle. I am really happy with Dialog 4G.

Dialog 4G Package : LTE 4M 10GB Rs 900
Cess : Rs 18.37
Telecommunication Levy on internet service : Rs 91.84
Total amount payable : Rs 1010.21


  1. today is my dialog billing date but my bill amount is not update in my account portal when is update it in my account

  2. It will update within next 24 hours.

  3. im having 25GB plan. Last month i bought it and by now the package is over and the new package even came to me.
    Now its some time and still i havent recieved my bill.
    Now its the 2nd october, dta renewd on 2oth september.
    is it common does the first bill delayed??

    1. Yes. your first bill will come within next 3-4 days.


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