Friday, July 8, 2016

SLT 4G WIFI Router Rs.999.00 Only

This is SLT 4G WIFI Router special bulk promotion for limited time period. Now you can get SLT 4G WIFI Router for Rs.999.00 connection fee. This SLT 4G packages provide Download Speed 4 Mbps, Upload Speed 1 Mbps with SLT Life Time Warranty. To buy this SLT 4G WIFI Router doesn't need land line, no money deposits and quick SLT 4G activation (within 24 hours) available.

  • SLT 4G 10GB special package Rs.450/= ( Day Time 5Gb , Night Time 5Gb )
  • SLT 4G 18GB special package Rs.740/= ( Day Time 9Gb , Night Time 9Gb )
  • SLT 4G 28GB special package Rs.990/= ( Day Time 14Gb , Night Time 14Gb )
  • SLT 4G 60GB special package Rs.1490/=  ( Day Time 30Gb , Night Time 30Gb ) 
  • SLT 4G 100GB special package Rs.2690/= (Day Time  50Gb , Night Time 50Gb )
Call: 0788 88 88 88


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