Sunday, August 7, 2016

Suzuki Alto 800 Maintaining Tips

When you park the car at the end of the day,

1. Turn off Lights
2. Turn off A/C, Blower & Audio Systems
3. If you at a level ground put to 1st gear
4. If you at a incline use hand brake, Release brake pedal
5. Wait 10 sec. & Turn off Engine - Do't race, it'll idle automatically
6. Keep a Tyre block

When you Start the car at the morning,

1. Walk around the car & check
2. Check under the car, engine bay for any leak or any damage
3. Visually check the Tyre pressure or any damage to tyres
4. Check Water, Oil, Battery, Engine Bay, daily or once a week
5. Remove the Tyre block, Use hand brake, Release 1st gear
6. Do't press brake pedal, if you on low battery, lights will kill you
7. Turn the key to ACC point two times in 5 sec. interval
8. All the indicators will lit, if not check them
9. Start the Car, Do't race, wait 10 sec.
10. All the indicators will go off, if not check them, release H.brake
11. Start your tour with low speed & speed up after 10 min.

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