Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SLT 4G WIFI Router Special Offer With SLT 4G LTE Special Packages

Sri lankan's fastest internet provider SLT 4G/LTE Broadband proudly introduced SLT 4G WIFI Router Special Offer, for special unbelievable price. Now you can buy SLT 4G WIFI Router for Rs.1899.00.  SLT 4G introducing new  4G LTE packages for reasonable price with this offer. You can get free One Voice Connection with SLT Life Time Warranty. SLT 4G LTE Router model is ZTE MF 253.
  •  SLT 4G WIFI Router Price : Rs.1899/= Only
SLT 4G LTE Special Packages
  1. SLT 4G LTE 10GB - Rs.450/= ( Day Time 5Gb , Night Time 5Gb )
  2. SLT 4G LTE 18GB - Rs.740/= ( Day Time 9Gb , Night Time 9Gb )
  3. SLT 4G LTE 28GB - Rs.990/= ( Day Time 14Gb , Night Time 14Gb )
  4. SLT 4G LTE 60GB - Rs.1490/= ( Day Time 30Gb , Night Time 30Gb ) 
  5. SLT 4G LTE 100GB - Rs.2690/= ( Day Time 50Gb , Night Time 50Gb )
  6. SLT 4G LTE 150GB - Rs.4890/= ( Day Time 75Gb , Night Time 75Gb )
  • Night Time Data (00.00 to 08.00 hrs)
  • Download Speed 4 Mbps
  • Upload Speed 1 Mbps
CALL  : 078 888 88 88


  1. hi,
    i tried searching this on slt page but couldnt you have a link?

    1. This is slt special promotion. No any details in slt web site.

  2. This is not a offer.slt normal broadband packages are here.but 4g router price is a special offer.


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