Sunday, April 26, 2015

Batapola Antenna Original

Batapola antenna is the most popular Tv antenna brand in Srilanka market.I think the recent for that Batapola antenna boosts signal strength significantly.The Original Batapola antenna comes to the market with V shape antenna and powerful booster.The problem is now,lot of duplicate Batapola antenna types available in the Srilanka market and should want to identify original Batapola antenna. should want select original Batapola antenna(flexi) for get best performance on your TV.The Batapola antenna manufacturing located in Batapola,Galle.The product name was 'Flexi Antenna' and please check the original brand logo on it.

Batapola Antenna Logo


Flexi Antenna,
Malavige Electronics,

Batapola Antenna price 

Rs : xxxxx

Contact info

Phone : xxxxxxxxxx 
Email :

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  1. we have to goto his home to buy this. they have not put to the shops presently


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