Monday, April 27, 2015

OnePlus One Price in Sri Lanka 2015

OnePlus One is latest Mobile Phone manufactured by the name "OnePlus" Chinese company,first introduce in April 2014.The main target of the company, to designed low cost and high quality smartphone for the users of the world.The first OnePlus One Mobile Phone  available for sale on 25 April 2014,exclusively from the OnePlus website.The special thing is should want to  obtain an invitation to buy this product. OnePlus one phones now increasing popularity in Srilanka and limited OnePlus One models available in the country. This is the OnePlus One Mobile Phone latest Price list in Sri Lanka 2015.

OnePlus One LTE 64GB  Price in Sri Lanka 2015
Rs. 61,150.00

OnePlus One LTE Price in Sri Lanka 2015
 Rs. 51,000.00 

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