Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mazda Demio 2015 Price in Sri lanka

Mazda Demio is a supermini type front engine smart vehicle manufactured and marketed by Mazda motor corporation in Japan.Car include a five speed manual, a four speed automatic transmission system.Mazda Demio currently in its fourth generation and now increasing popularity in Srilanka car market.This is Mazda Demio 2015 price in sri lanka.

  • Condition: 4.5 
  • Year: 2013/04
  • Grade: Sky Active original navigation
  • Capacity: 1,300cc
  • Mileage : 12,000km:
  • Registration(yy/mm): 28/04
  • Transmission: FAT (Auto Floor Gear )
  • Fuel : Gasoline
CIF PRICE : 1,340,000 YEN
1,343,000.00x1.15 = LKR 1,544,450.00
Duty LKR 2,418,000.00 (1000CC<)
Total Price - Rs 3,962,450.00

CIF PRICE : 1,515,000 YEN
1,515,000x1.15 = LKR 1,742,250.00
Duty LKR 2,418,000.00 (1000CC<)
Total Price - Rs 4,160,250.00

(This is real important cost of the Mazda Demio 2015.In sales this price can be change.Using this details you can get idea about approximate value of the Mazda Demio 2015 in Srilanka)

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