Thursday, January 7, 2016

Today I am bought HUAWEI B310s-925 Dialog 4G Router

  • Dear friends, today i am bought Dialog 4G router from Matara Dialog arcade. 

  • Total price for Dialog 4G router Rs 2900.00 only. 

(Unboxing photos of HUAWEI B310s-925 Dialog 4G Router)

  • Should want to fill the application form and National identity card, to buy Dialog 4G Wi-Fi  router( HUAWEI B310s-925 )
  • This is external appearance of my new Dialog 4G router HUAWEI model : B310s-925

  • New Dialog 4g router( HUAWEI B310s-925 ) Smart more powerful and have two external antenna ports.
  • 12V 1A mobile Charger use as a power input for the Dialog 4g router ( HUAWEI B310s-925 )
  • Taken six hours to activate 10GB + 10GB Dialog 4G home broadband data pack.

  • This is my Dialog 4G speed test results.
  • Then I am call to the Dialog 4G hotline ( 011-7-100 100 ) and add gmail to the my account and then verify it for check Dialog 4G data balance.
  • The method of installing Dialog 4G Router external antenna.
  •  HUAWEI B310s-925 Dialog 4G Router Advantages
  1. Portable
  2. Plug and play
  3. More powerful
  4. Have two external antennas
  5. Wi-Fi enabled
  6. Wide Wi-Fi coverage
  7. Smart designing
  8. cheap
  •  HUAWEI B310s-925 Dialog 4G Router Disadvantages
  1. Support only 4G lte frequency
  2. Cannot use with other 4G lte networks
  3. No internal battery
  4. If power failure, cannot use with laptop


  1. Can you please post a photo of box backside, which lists the device features.


  2. how to add my Gmail account to use check the data balance


    1. follow this method

  3. How I use this router power cut situation

    1. Sorry. this is big disadvantage of this router model. Use huawei e3276 dongle with your 4g sim card (4g router sim) Huawei e3276 supports dialog 4g home broadband frequencies. thanks for visiting.

  4. can't i use it with 3g signal frquency

    1. Sorry. its only work with Dialog 4G frequency

  5. Has Dialog locked the device to be used only within an area?

  6. No. This 4G Router you can use any part of the island covered by Dialog 4G network.


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