Friday, January 8, 2016

The Steps of Dialog 4G Router Configuration

This is the method of HUAWEI B310s-925 Dialog 4G router configuration.

1. After the device is connected to the B310s through Wi-Fi or LAN port, launch a browser on the client and visit

2. Enter the user name and password to log-in to the web management page. The default user name and password are printed on the B310s bottom label.

3. Follow the quick setup wizard to check or set network connection parameters
step by step. For details, see the help information on the web management

  • To protect your account, change the password after your first log-in. For details see the help information on the web management page.
  • If you modify the SSID and Wi-Fi key, you must set up the Wi-Fi connection on the client again.

  • Once you are done, try opening a web page on the client to verify whether you
    have Internet access.

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