Saturday, June 20, 2015

Steps of How to Open LC from Sri lanka

This is the major steps of how to open LC (Letter of credit) in Sri lanka.

Steps of lc opening

  • First you should want to get invoice (PRO - FORMA INVOICE) for your order.
  • If you are a permit holder, make sure that you provide us with the permit number, since the invoice needs to depict this number.
  • Submit proforma invoice to your bank.Bank provide you application form.Please make sure your application form duly filled with accurate information.
  • Bank hold invoice amount and send LC (Letter of Credit) to our bank.Bank convert invoice amount to rupees based on the exchange rate of the date you submit the form.
  • Once we get confirmation from our bank we Ship the vehicle before the date mentioned in the proforma invoice and provide necessary documents to our bank.
  • Our bank send documents to your bank.
  • You can collect all the documents which you need for clear vehicle from port.
  • Provide those document to your clearing company who support you clear vehicle from port.
Documents needs to clearing of your vehicle from port 

Original documents you received through your bank.
If you are a permit holder, the relevant permit.
Your National ID card.
L/C copies certified by your bank.
Completed copy of Form 115.
Your Home address certification.
  • Advise your bank to issue pay order for the TAX amount address to custom general[Director of Custom's] and provide wharf clerk's name and ID card who is coming to collect pay order from bank.

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