Sunday, August 30, 2015

Micro Panda Cross Price in Sri Lanka

Panda Cross is a small SUV,great product of Micro Cars Limited Sri lanka.Now Micro Cars limited is the only full range car manufacturer in Sri lanka.Panda Cross comes with powerful 1.3 Ltr Gasoline 4 cylinder inline 4 stroke engine and have 5 speed manual transmission system.Micro Panda Cross Interior Features Central mounted control panel,Rear row seat headrest,Factory Fitted A/C,Chrome plated Inner handle and Large boot volume 200L available.This is Updated Panda Cross Price in Sri Lanka.

UPDATE (18/November/2016)
Panda Cross Price increased again......
Panda Cross New Price : Rs 2795000.00

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  1. Price update 2016/july/13
    Panda cross new price Rs 2395000.00


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