Friday, October 16, 2015

Bank SWIFT Codes Sri Lanka

Bank SWIFT codes in Sri lanka used when transferring money between banks,mostly important for international wire transfers.Now most of the Sri lankans search HNB SWIFT code for put their international online transactions(Put adsense and skrill accounts to direct wire transfer of their earnings ).The  SWIFT code simply define as Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication.This is updated list of SWIFT codes Sri lanka.

hnb swift code   :   HBLILKLX                  
sampath bank swift code   :    BSAMLKLX
Commercial bank swift code   :   CCEYLKLX
BOC swift code   :   BCEYLKLX
HSBC swift code   :   HSBCLKLX
Peoples bank swift code   :  PSBKLKLX
Pan Asia bank swift code   :   PABSLKLX
Seylan bank swift code   :   SEYBLKLX
Nations trust bank swift code   :  NTBCLKLX
Standard chartered bank swift code   :   SCBLLKLX

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