Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dialog 4G Home Broadband New Package Changes 2016

This is unbelievable offer for Dialog Home Broadband customers now you can use 100% night time data quota additionally for the current existing package quotas with effect from 1st January 2016.This exclusive update is get from Dialog's Internal communications.

  • New  Dialog 4G Home Broadband customers would be able to obtain packages with night time quota whilst the existing customers would get attached from the back-end.
  • Customer Dialog 4G data usage consumed during 00.00 to 08.00 would be reduced from night time data quota, once the night time data quota was exhausted the usage would be consumed from the any time data quota or FUP extended quota.  
  • Customer could request for additional FUP extension quota only after consuming the any time data quota completely.
  • Other standards terms and conditions relevant to Dialog 4G home broadband would remain as same.

Source : ELAKIRI(UnlimitedBB )

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